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Monday, October 15th

FRESHLY FALLEN SNOW written by M.E.H. Lewis

Dr. Jane Smith pioneers a controversial new treatment for traumatic memory disorders, a procedure that will "edit" memories. Her reluctant first patient is AJ, a terribly scarred veteran of the Iraq War.

The person Dr. Smith most wants to heal is her own mother, a haunted survivor of World War II's Dresden firestorm. For both the mother and AJ, the real source of their pain is long buried memories. More about M.E.H. Lewis

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Wednesday, October 17th

THE ENGLISH BRIDE written by Lucile Lichtblau

“The English Bride” is a roller coaster ride of love, betrayal, and treachery in an effort to discover the truth behind the headlines. Dov, an agent of Mossad, tries to unearth the facts behind a terrorism attack gone awry; while Ali, an Arab Israeli man, and Eileen, an English girl, give differing versions of their involvement. What is fantasy? What is fact? More about Lucile Lichtblau

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Friday, October 19th

MOCHA written by Eleanor Burgess

A film star, Eliot Henessey, arrives in Indonesia with her assistant to adopt a child, attracting the interest of a journalist who questions her motivations, a bureaucrat who hopes to use her to publicize the islands, and a foster father who believes that Eliot’s personal life leaves her little room for a child. Meanwhile Ted and Carol, an infertile couple in the American suburbs, initiate a more normal adoption process, but find that the expense, uncertainty, and invasive examinations reveal rifts in their desires to have a family. More about Eleanor Burgess